Generate AI images in your Slack workspace

Spells is the first app for generating AI images in Slack. Simply use our /prompt slash command, type out your prompt and create beautiful, magical images in seconds. ✨

Spells images
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Unlock the magic of AI for your workspace members

4 simple steps to generate stunning, unique images for work and play. We do this by connecting your Slack workspace to Stable Diffusion: a powerful, open-source API.

  • Wand
    Add Spells to Slack.
  • Plug
    Connect to your own Stable Diffusion instance, or purchase image credits from Spells.
  • Plug sign
    Add Spells app to the relevant Slack channel(s).
  • Picture
    Use the /prompt command, followed by your written prompt to generate images ✨

Create stunning, unique images with AI

WIthout leaving your Slack workspace, use /prompt followed by your written image prompt, then hit enter. Need inspiration? Try 'cat in a van gogh style'. 

cat in a van gogh style

Multiple API source options

Connect directly to your own Dream Studio instance, or reduce friction by purchasing credits to use Spells' one.

Dream Studio

Browse your workspace's prompt history

Spells keeps a record of all your workspace's images and prompts, so you can easily access again later to view/export.

PenPal interface 4

"This is so much fun, our members can't stop using it." - Anon

Ready to cast some Spells? ✨

Level up your workspace today, with the magic of Stable Diffusion.